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Cot Spa Covers

About Our Products

All of our spa covers are composed of marine quality vinyl, marine grade extruded zipper, are mildew resistant, have 4 tie down straps with lock and key assembly, and all of our covers can be used for outdoor and indoor use.

Our spa covers come in 4" to 2", 5" to 3", 6" to 4" tapers, they have ultraviolet inhibitors, and we use a continuous drip back method to keep the spa cover weighing the same after years of wear and tear and water absorption.

We are so confident in our products that we offer a 60-month warranty while many of our competitors only offer 24-month warranties. The best in the industry!

Measuring Your Spa

We can always come to you and measure your hot tub, fire pit, etc.

Products Cot Spa Covers Manufacture

Spa Covers

An image of a hexagonal spa cover

We make many shaped spa covers including hexagonal spa covers.

Polygonal shaped spa cover

We can even make polygonal spa covers.

Standard spa cover

We can make any size or shape spa cover. The one above is approximately 10 feet long in diameter! We of course charge an oversize fee.

Spa Cover Colors

Picture of bourbon color


Picture of charcoal color


Picture of dusk color


Picture of federal blue color

Federal Blue

Picture of green color


Picture of nugget color


Picture of oyster color


Picture of port color


Picture of storm gray color

Storm Gray

Picture of Walnut color


Variety of Cushions

An image of a patio furniture covers

A standard cushion for a 3-person hammock swing

An image of a custom shaped cover for patio furniture

A custom made cushion for a boat!

Chair Covers/Padding

An image of a patio furniture covers

We can replace the padding on your chair and add custom fabric/colors to the padding.


An image of custom made awnings

A set of custom made awnings.

An image of an awning Cot Spa Covers made for personal use

We even use our own products! Cot Spa Covers made this awning and it's lasted years!

Sail Shades

An image of a black and gray sail shades

We can make custom colored sail shades

An image of a black and gray sail shades

A custom made order for red sail shades

Spa Care

An image of cleaning products that Cot Spa Covers sells

We sell a variety of cleaning products for your hot tub as well as spa covers!

An image of unicel filters

We care a variety of Unicel® filters and if we don't have the one you need we'll order it for you!

Non-chlorine Pristine Mist for Spa Covers

Non-chlorine Pristine Mist -- Pristine Blue® Pristine Mist helps to eliminate odors and discoloration on the underside of your hot tub cover.

Non-chlorine Pristine Clear for clearing cloudy water in hot tubs and pools

Non-chlorine Pristine Clear -- Pristine Blue® Pristine Clear helps clear cloudy water in hot tubs and pools. By combining suspended particles together Pristine Clear allows them to be better remove by your filtration system.

Non-chlorine Pristine Power for clearing cloudy water in hot tubs and pools

Non-chlorine Pristine Power -- Pristine Blue® Pristine Power removes odors and organic materials, contaminants and body oils from your pool or hot tub.

Non-chlorine Pristine Clean for cleaning an metallic stains that may come from hose, water, jewellery, etcetera

Pristine Blue® Non-Chlorine Pristine Clean prevents metal staining in pools and hot tubs. Pristine Clean prevents the metals that enter your pool or spa through hoses, jewelry and metal equipment from attaching to the walls and leaving unsightly stains.

Non-chlorine Pristine Blue

Non-chlorine PristineBlue® is the cornerstone of the system. It is a blue liquid that is added to pools and spas at start up and topped off routinely.

An Image of Pristine Extra

Pristine Blue® Non-chlorine Pristine Extra is used in the start up of the Pristine Blue® chemical system. This chlorine shock dissipates rapidly, thus bringing your pool or spa back to a non-chlorine status quickly. Pristine Extra may also be used for troubleshooting pool and spa water.

An Image of Pristine Cbeck

Pristine Blue® Non-chlorine Pristine Check (8oz) is the first step and preps the water for the Pristine Blue® line of chemicals. Pristine Check remove excess calcium from the water and deposits it into your filter allowing you to wash it away.We carry more Pristine Blue® products!

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